Company Mission

♦World trend is our direction and we have cutting-edge technology in our products. With customer-oriented principle, we fulfill to meet quality, efficiency and cost-saving those aspects.

♦Aim to be top 1 PCB professional testing provider in the world.
♦Create stable, harmony, happy and thriving working environment. 
“Telling the truth, no exaggeration and sincere” is the attitude what we follow. Integrity is the most basic core value for our corporate. 
Seeking truth from the fact and pursing the best of the best are what we insist. We complete our project thoroughly with efficiency pace. 
Innovation is the key for prosperous growing. Rato purses the innovation covering strategy, market and skills aspects to provide diversified choices for our customers. 

 Persistence and Never Give Up
With service passion, Rato is willing to take any challenge no matter inside or outside of the company and believes that “insist and never give up” can overcome difficulties we encounter.