Company History


 •Rato High Tech Corp. was established.
 •Started to sell Olivetti Universal Electrical
Testing Machine as selling agency. 
   1989年  •Put into electrical testing OEM business.
 •Terminated the selling agency relationship
with Olivetti Universal Electrical Testing Machine. 

 •Obtained the distribution right with Circuit Line
(acquisition of MANIA in 1998) 
   2003年  •Started to sell “Speedy King.
 •To become the brand with highest market share.
   2004年  •Passed ISO-9001 quality certification.
 •Devoted into AOI (automated optical inspection)
OEM business.
   2007年  •Implemented ERP system

 C.L.TECH (original designing team from Mania)
took over MANIA Universal Electrical Testing System.
Rato is in charge of Taiwan area, Taiwanese
businessmen in South China, East China, Taiwan,
China, and Hong Kong as selling agency. 

   2010年  •Imported in EMMA flying probe system OEM business.
   2011年  •Imported 4W testing machine OEM business.
 •Developed its own brand Octal density(OD)
testing machine of CCD universal type iTEST series.  
   2012年  •Established Flying Needle Department OEM business.
 •Relocated to No.29, Dongyuan Road and new factory
is located in Zhong-Li Industrial Park.
 •Founded OEM centers in South China. 
 •Started to offer electrical testing OEM service.
 2013年  •Provided in-house electrical testing OEM service.
 •Founded jig OEM sector
 •Started to sell Rato’s own brand Recycle Jig and
Universal iJIG series.