Electrical Testing Dept

Rato has been engaged in professional electrical testing OEM business more than 25 years. Our customers are more than 70 companies and top ten of Taiwanese printing electrical circuit board makers are our customers.

CCD Electrical Dept.-
   Fine probe testing machine 
♦CCD Electrical Testing Dept.-iTEST
proimages/product/CCD-1.png proimages/product/CCD-iTEST-1.png
 ♦Flying Probe Dept. 

Compare to the major OEM testing centers in the market, Rato has the most universal CCD electrical testing machines of Octal density(OD) type. (iTEST series) We are also the only one OEM to adopt Japanese leading factory Read wire probe 4W CCD electrical testing machine (M6 and GATS). No matter what kind of samples or variety of whole quantity, we can use the diversified equipment, control timing schedule, and apply strict quality policy to meet customers’ requirements. 

Service items   1.PCB soft board  OS 2W 4W testing 
 2.Probe 2W & 4W testing
 3.Substrate 2W & 4W testing 
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