Equipment Dept


Company's own band   

Rato’s own brand iTEST Series:
Since Rato established the Equipment Department, we have CCD high accuracy institution with the same level of IC carrier and combine the technology which obtained the patent of needle bed design to develop for our own brand, 「iTEST Electrical Testing Machine」. iTEST specializes in HDI, any layer and other etc. testing.

The first CCD universal 8x testing machiine in the world.

can be jointly used with
♦Universal fixture
♦Probe fixture
♦Recycle fixture
♦Compound fixture  

Agency of the product  
proimages/product/GT20-20.jpg CL TECH (originally MANIA) universal electrical testing machine:
C.L.TECH Electrical Testing Machine is the market leader with high production, high flexibility and high reliable machine, which is a designated brand in global and qualified by PCB certification.

High throughput: 10,000 point/second for the testing speed 
High flexibility: the testing area can be expandable
High reliability: precise inspect system is equipped

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