Fixture Dept

Specialize in jig development and sale. We offer the highest quality with the lowest cost in electrical testing jig. Designed to use universal non-coating probe. Components can all be reused to control the cost and meet the green environment trend.

 proimages/product/compound-fixture-1.png     proimages/product/universal-fixture-1.png   proimages/product/recycle-fixture-1.png 
Compound Fixture
*Delivery: 2~4 days
*Is applicable to Read tester
Universal Fixuture
*Jig quality inspection: Drill holes diameter measurements> jig high inspection> jig debug
(CPK value 6∂ needs to be greater than 1.33)

*The fastest delivery: in 24 hours
*The lowest of the cost: probe, recycled parts
of fixture

*Is applicable to iTEST series and various
Universal Grid Tester
Recycle Fixture
*Delivery: 3~5 days
*Low cost: the parts can recycled and reused; is applicable to Read tester


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